Apps Overview

The Apps lessons explain how to add programs, commonly known as apps, to your iPad. From brain training to medical journals, there are over 1 million apps designed for the iPad. The lessons will cover:

Click on the image to learn about the iPad Getting Started Guide.

Click on the image to learn about the iPad Getting Started Guide.

  • What is an Apple ID and why do you need one to download apps?
  • How do you add apps to your iPad?
  • What are your options for authenticating app downloads?
  • How do you pay for apps that cost money?
  • How do you organize apps on the home screen?
  • How do you delete unwanted apps?
  • How do you adjust app notifications?
  • How do you adjust privacy settings for apps?
  • How do you customize your lock screen with select information from relevant apps?

Apple ID

Your Apple ID email address and password are the user name and password on your iPad. The Apple ID is used to control all Apple Services, including the program for adding apps - the App Store.

Downloading an App

Apps are programs that have been designed specifically for the iPad. There are over 1 million apps that you can add to your iPad from the App Store.

Payment Options

While many of the most useful apps are free to download, some cost money. You can purchase apps by saving a credit card with your Apple ID or redeeming an iTunes or App Store gift card.

Customizing Your Home Screen

Rearrange apps on your home screen and create folders so it’s easier to find your favorites.

Deleting an App

Quickly and easily delete apps that you do not want.

Spotlight Search

The home screen on your iPad displays all available apps. If you download a lot of apps, you will have multiple home pages. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the app that you want. Spotlight Search makes it easy to find specific content on your iPad.

Notification Settings

The first time you open an app, you often receive an option for push notifications. Push notifications are updates regarding new information within an app. You can adjust your notification preferences for each app.

Adjusting Privacy Settings

Many apps require using information from your iPad for certain features, including your location and access to your photos/microphone. Users can adjust which apps can access information via the Settings app.


You can customize your lock screen with relevant information from select apps - calendar, weather, news, sports and much more. These interactive displays on the lock screen are known as widgets.