Can Voice-First Speakers Change Caregiving?

Hey Siri — Can You Help Me, Help Her?

Would you believe it if I told you that we are just a few years away from having voice-first speakers such as Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home (Hey Google) or Apple HomePod (Hey Siri) in the majority of American households? Well, believe it, because according to Juniper Research, 55% of households (70 million) will have these smart devices by 2020.  And if you are a professional caregiver, helping an aging parent, or caring for someone that struggles with memory loss, mobility, or vision issues, this might be more exciting than you think. 

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Debby Dodds
What's the Best iPad for a New User?

The iPad is a sensible tablet solution for a very wide range of people. For those that want the latest and greatest, there are new model iPads available from $329 to $999. 

There are also tens of millions of used and refurbished iPads that are no longer sold new by Apple. These models span the full continuum of price and features.

The most affordable iPads - the 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations and the iPad Mini - are still very practical for many people, especially if they are only using the tablet for a handful of features. If you already own one of these devices, they also make a great hand-me-down gift.  

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Michael Potteiger
Top 5 Questions About Music & Memory’s New Tablet Program

A tablet is the ultimate tool for personalized engagement - nostalgic music, photos, and videos that span endless cultures, time periods, and life experiences are just a few taps away.

However, introducing tablets into your care community can be challenging. There are various concerns regarding price, implementation, security, and best practices. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding our upcoming training for Music and Memory certified care organizations.

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Debby Dodds
5 Upcoming Updates That Will Change the Way You Use Your iPad

Apple is releasing a major updating to the iPad in the Fall. What does that mean for you?

Earlier this month, Apple showed a preview of their annual update for iPhones and iPads - iOS 11, which will be released this fall. The upcoming release includes several major changes to the iPad.

Depending on your iPad model and how you use it, these changes may completely change the way you use your iPad or have no impact whatsoever.

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