iPad Quiz: 3 Things You Should (but probably don't) Know

Our team is always looking for new ways to help people understand important iPad and iPhone concepts.  We recently released a new learning tool  - self-guided, interactive quizzes.

The best part about the quizzes - if you get the question wrong, it will provide the correct answer as an image or video. The following quiz consists of three challenging iPad questions.


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iPad Quiz Transcript


Question #1: What method can be used to reposition the cursor?

A - Double tap the Home button to activate the on-screen mouse

B - Triple tap the Home button to activate the on-screen mouse

C - Place two fingers on the keyboard and slide

D - Hold your finger on the space bar and slide


Question #2: Once activated in Settings, how do you prompt your iPad to read the contents of the screen?

A - Double tap the Home button

B - Triple tap the Home button 

C - Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen

D - Double tap the screen with three fingers


Question #3: You can customize which apps display in the Today View?

Yes or No


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