4 Surprising Facts You Should Know About the Latest iPad Release

Apple has a well earned reputation for offering premium products with premium pricing. On March 19th, they very quietly released a high end iPad at a not so premium price.

Even though this announcement flew under the radar, it has major implications for anyone that's in the market for a tablet. Here are four surprising facts about the latest iPad offering from Apple.

Fact #1: It's the cheapest ever starting price for a full sized iPad

Since the release of the original iPad, the 9.7” model has started at $499 or higher. Recently, Apple started selling the iPad Air 2 model at a starting price of $399.

This newly released iPad takes an additional $70 off the base model, starting at $329, which is the cheapest ever starting price for a new full sized iPad.

 The newly released full sized iPad is the most affordable starting price of all the current models.

The newly released full sized iPad is the most affordable starting price of all the current models.


Fact 2: They kept the name simple - iPad

This is the 13th different model iPad Apple has unveiled. We’ve seen all different types of naming variations including iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, “the New iPad” and a few more. For this model, they decided to go back to the original name; it’s simply called iPad.


Fact 3: The Base Model has Twice the Storage of Older Models

For years, entry level iPhones and iPads included 16 GB of local storage for photos, videos, music, apps and other data files. In September, they doubled the amount of local storage on base model iPhones and iPads to include 32 GB of data. The newly released iPad follows suit; the $329 model has 32 GB of local storage.


Fact 4: The Camera & Screen are First Rate

Considering the $329 price point, you would expect that certain features would be inferior to more expensive “Pro” models. While the Pro models do include some additional bells and whistles, the most important hardware features are very comparable.

The screen resolution is on par with the flagship models. The new model iPad has a retina display - meaning the pixel density is so high that a person is unable to discern the individual pixels at a normal viewing distance.

The camera is great too. It has an 8-megapixel with 2.4f aperture. That is the same camera that’s on the 12.9” iPad Pro model, which starts at $799.

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