4 Ways to Make Learning a Smartphone or Tablet Fun

Messaging or Calling Distant Family Together

When I told my grandmother that I wanted to get her an iPad, she told me to forget it! 
Instead of forcing the issue, I would visit her and FaceTime multiple people that I knew she’d enjoy seeing. After the third visit, she said - “Ok, get me a pad!”. 

Gram on FaceTime with her great grandson!

Gram on FaceTime with her great grandson!

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad and calling people that are also using Apple products, Messages and FaceTime are great for chat and video.

Facebook Messenger is a great option for chat and video, since it’s available on Android and Apple devices. Skype’s another popular choice. It is available on on both platforms, and you can Skype multiple people at once.

Surfing Facebook

If other people are not available, you can still use a device to catch up with family and friends. Browse Facebook to view photos and videos from your cousin’s wedding or Aunt Cindy’s trip to Lake Tahoe.

Playing a Game

There are endless game apps - card games, word games, number games and really addicting games that involve crushing candy… Game apps can be fun to do together, but with games like Words with Friends or Chess with Friends, you can also play remotely.

Listening to Music

Connect your smartphone or tablet to a speaker and enjoy some music together. With YouTube, you can search for practically any song. Take turns picking your favorites.

You can also use Pandora to create stations and rate songs together. If you want a little more control over the selection, download Spotify and create a custom playlist.

Whether it’s connecting with family, playing games or listening to music, the best way to make learning fun is to have fun!