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The Dollar Store Aging Simulation

Every semester, our team at Generation Connect collaborates with Dr. Mary Ligon and her gerontology students to teach local seniors how to use smartphones and tablets. Prior to pairing up with seniors for the 8-week course, the students go through a two day sensitivity training. This Spring, we trained our fourth group of students.

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The Ageism Antidote

Why Schools and Volunteer Groups Should Make Intergenerational Learning a Priority

Most young peoples’ perceptions of old age are shaped by two major influences - their grandparents and aging stigmas. That’s a narrow view of an endlessly diverse group of people. Connecting young and old is paramount to healthy aging and has the potential to change the way generations view each other for years to come.

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5 Mistakes You’re Making When Teaching Your Parents about Their Smartphones

According to Pew Research, the percent of people that own a smartphone has doubled since 2011. For many of us that means helping our digitally challenged parents or grandparents learn how to use their new gadgets.

Our team has hosted hundreds of workshops for new learners. Often, we meet people that had friends or family help get them started and made one of these common mistakes:

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