Magnifier: iOS 10 Turns Your iPhone / iPad into the World's Best Magnifying Glass

For people with vision issues, iPhone accessibility settings can make reading on a device much easier. Now, thanks to the latest update, you can use your iPhone to read small font on paper work, labels, medications and more!

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Magnifier Video Transcript

Do you know about the magnifying glass built into your iPhone? To turn it on, open settings and tap on the general section. Select accessibility, and under vision, there is an option for magnifier. Tap the button so that it is green. When you come across a label or document with fine print, use your iPhone to magnify it. To activate, tap the home button three times in rapid succession. Your camera will open as a magnifying glass. Use the slider to zoom in or out. The lightning bolt will turn on the flash for additional light. Tap the shutter button to lock image on the screen. Slide as necessary. You can also use the filters to adjust the font and background color.