5 Upcoming Updates That Will Change the Way You Use Your iPad

Apple is releasing a major updating to the iPad in the Fall. What does that mean for you?

Earlier this month, Apple showed a preview of their annual update for iPhones and iPads - iOS 11, which will be released this fall. The upcoming release includes several major changes to the iPad.

Depending on your iPad model and how you use it, these changes may completely change the way you use your iPad or have no impact whatsoever.

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Why I made my 90-Year-Old Mom a Fake ID

An Out-of-the Box Rummaging Hack

As a family, we are fully committed to living “in the moment” with our mother as she progresses through the stages of memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, out-of-the box creativity has been essential to us - like the story of the fake ID, which became the dignity hack we used to help with purse rummaging anxiety.

We knew losing a purse might happen for Mom who was forgetting more frequently. But in her mind, leaving home without a purse, was not really an option for a ‘normal’ lady. She put her foot down; she would not relinquish her purse. 

For safety we had removed credit cards, insurance info and some personal information from her wallet. Sure enough, eventually her purse went permanently missing.

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How a YouTube Video Began a 33% Reduction in Antipsychotic Meds in Dementia Care

One man’s reaction to his favorite music changed the way the state of Wisconsin approaches dementia care.

In 2012, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld an important and somewhat controversial decision. Helen E. F., a woman with Alzheimer’s disease, was locked in a psychiatric unit where she was given psychotropic medications as a result of exhibiting behavioral issues. The court ruled that she was not a proper subject for involuntary commitment. Not surprisingly, Wisconsin made some changes in dementia care.

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Priceless Mother's Day Gifts

4 Free Gifts that Will Warm Your Mom’s Heart

If your mom is anything like my mom, then she loves sentimental gifts.  For moms, it truly is the thought that counts.

From homemade cards to coupons for hugs, giving sentimental gifts has become somewhat of a tradition for me on Mother’s Day. I’ve continued that tradition into the digital age, and put together a list of creative digital gifts that all Moms are sure to love.

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4 Reasons You Should Use Your iPad WITH Your Parents

I love spending time with my mom, but now that she's in her 90’s, I am much more proactive in engaging her. More and more often, I find myself doing it with a gadget between us.

Don't get me wrong; we both enjoy nature and spending time with family, but it happens less frequently nowadays. It's hard for mom to get around, and her adult grandchildren live hundreds of miles away. 

Even though the time spent together is different, we’re still able to enjoy the warmth of visiting with family. Here’s four reasons why I use an iPad with my mom and think you should too.

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