The Need for Caregivers

A Majority of People with Dementia are Living at Home

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There is a growing number of people that are living with Alzheimer's Disease or a related dementia and need care services. An estimated 81% of those individuals are living in the community and relying on the help of family members, friends, or other unpaid caregivers.

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The Family Caregiver Burden

People living with dementia generally need more support from their caregivers than those living with other illnesses. In addition to coordinating appointments and care tasks, dementia caregivers must also cope with challenging behavioral and psychological symptoms.

These care challenges can dramatically impact caregiver wellbeing - dementia caregivers report a significantly higher rate of depression and physical health issues compared to other caregivers.

The Professional Caregiver Shortage

The number of family caregivers is expected to decline over time due to ongoing trends toward smaller families, more divorce, and more geographic dispersion.

Meanwhile, the number of people that need care and want to remain living in their homes, is rapidly increasing. The bureau of labor identifies home care as one of the nation’s fastest growing occupations, with an additional million workers needed by 2026. From there, the demand will likely increase, as the older population continues to grow.

As the number of older adults continues to rise, the caregiver shortage will likely intensify.

As the number of older adults continues to rise, the caregiver shortage will likely intensify.

Many home care businesses struggle to staff caregivers to meet the increasing demand. The industry average of over 60% turnover is considerably higher than other small businesses.

The high rate of caregiver turnover can be attributed to low wages, unpredictable hours, and difficult working conditions. Caring for someone with cognitive or physical impairments can be extremely taxing, and many prospective caregivers are choosing employment opportunities with similar pay and a less stressful setting, such as big box retail or fast food.

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