Device Tutorials for Caregivers

Using a tablet to play music, reminisce with images and videos, or communicate with loved ones can significantly enhance quality of life for caregivers and care recipients. However, using new technology can be intimidating and potentially frustrating, especially when you are a caregiver and have a long list of daily responsibilities.

To avoid frustration and potentially stressful situations, we recommend familiarizing yourself with important features before incorporating technology into your care routine. To help busy caregivers learn at their own pace, we've built a library of free training videos.

Our resources our currently limited to the iPad, but we plan on adding free videos for additional devices in the future.

Basic iPad Tutorials

The iPad is an incredibly user-friendly and powerful computer. The Basic lessons focus on the most important features for new learners, including:

  • Key terminology and buttons
  • Customizing with apps
  • Searching for information
  • Communication with Others
  • Taking and Saving Photos

Advanced iPad Tutorials

Once you become comfortable with the basics of the iPad, there are a handful of features that can drastically improve the experience. Our team developed a series of videos focused on advanced features, including:

  • Keyboard tips and shortcuts
  • Customizing dettings in Control Center
  • Utilizing the Dock to access your favorite apps
  • Using Multitasking to have two apps open at once