The Dock: Advanced Features

The Dock on iOS 11.png

The Dock in iOS 11 has a updated look and handful of new features, including:

  • The ability to add more apps
  • A new section for recently used and suggested apps
  • The ability to access the Dock from within apps

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Adding Apps

You can add more apps to the Dock in iOS 11. The number of apps that you can add varies by model:

  • 11 app limit on iPad Mini model
  • 13 app limit on 9.7” iPad models
  • 15 app limit on 12.9” iPad Pro 

You can move more than one app at time. Tap and hold an app to activate edit mode.

Once in edit mode tap, tap and hold an app, drag it slightly, then continue holding it while you double tap a second app with another finger. The second app will be selected, indicated by a badge with the number two. 

Repeat the process to select additional apps. Once you are finished selecting apps, you can move them to the dock.

Suggested and Recent Apps

You can activate a feature in the Settings app to show suggested and recent apps in the Dock. Access this feature from the General section of the Settings app. 

Select Multi-tasking & Dock and make sure Show Suggested and Recent Apps is turned on. 

In the future, up to three apps will display in the Dock on the right side of the app. 

Suggested Apps.png

Suggested apps will display based on your activity, including:

  • Your Habits - If you start every day by reading a News app that is not saved in your Dock, it will start displaying as a suggested app in the mornings.
  • Your Location - If you have apps on your iPad that can access your location, they might display in the Dock as “suggested”. For example, if you have a Starbucks app, it might display in the Dock when you connect the public Wi-Fi at Starbucks.
  • Your Activity - If you were recently checking Facebook, then switch to Mail to write an email. When you exit Mail and go to the Home screen, Facebook will appear in the Dock.

Accessing Docks from within Apps

In iOS 11, it is easier than ever to open the app that you need. 

Access the Dock from within any app by flicking up from the bottom edge of the screen. Your designated apps, suggestions and recently used apps will display in the Dock. Tap on one to open it.

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