FaceTime Overview

FaceTime is the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation; it is a live video call. Like the Messages app, you can only use FaceTime to call people using Apple devices. FaceTime lessons include answers to the following:

  • How do you initiate a FaceTime call?
  • What do the various buttons on the screen do during a FaceTime call?
  • How do you answer an incoming FaceTime call?

Answering a FaceTime Call

When you receive a call on FaceTime, your iPad will ring, your front facing camera will show your image and the caller's information will display on the screen.

Making a FaceTime Call

Making a video phone call is as simple as two taps - tap on your recipient's name in the Contacts app and then tap the FaceTime button to initiate the call. During calls, there are three buttons that display on the screen:

  • Mute button - disable sound so that your recipient can see you but not hear you
  • Camera Reverse button - switch between the front-facing and rear cameras
  • End button - tap to end the call