Beyond the Basics | iPad eBook

Hidden Features That Every Power User Should Know

Are you one of the millions of people that use your iPad on a regular basis?  If so, there are a handful of concealed features that can enhance your experience and expand iPad capabilities.

While at first many of these features are not obvious, once you start using them, they become second nature. Our photo-illustrated, Beyond the Basics iPad eBook provides detailed lessons on a variety of extremely useful topics, including:

  • Advanced Keyboard Features 
  • Customizing Control Center
  • Utilizing the Redesigned Dock
  • Using Two Apps at Once with Multitasking

Beyond the Basics iPad eBook is designed for visual learners; each lesson includes large informational graphics with detailed instructions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


What lessons are in the beyond the basics iPad ebook?


the Keyboard

The Keyboard lessons focus on subtle features that make typing on the iPad more efficient, including:

  • How to type numbers and symbols without switching keyboards
  • How to turn the keyboard into a trackpad and reposition the cursor
  • How to select text so you can cut, copy, and paste
  • How to select text using the trackpad

Control center

Control Center gives users direct access to important settings and recently used apps. This section explains how to utilize important Control Center features and customize it based on your needs. Lesson includes:

  • How to access Control Center
  • How to open and close apps from Control Center
  • How to disconnect from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center
  • How to control audio playback from Control Center
  • How to adjust volume and screen brightness from Control Center
  • How to mirror your screen from Control Center
  • How to customize Control Center settings
  • Defining each control within Control Center


The dock

The Dock makes it easier than ever to access your favorite apps. Lesson includes:

  • How to customize the Dock with apps
  • How to utilize recently used and suggested apps in the Dock
  • How to access the Dock from within apps


Multitasking allows you to use two apps at once. Lessons includes:

  • What is Slide Over
  • How to open a Slide Over window from the Dock
  • How to close a Slide Over window
  • What is Split View
  • How to open Split View
  • How to adjust Split View
  • How to close Split View 

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