Learning to Use the iPad

Most iPad training books are overwhelming; they are filled with hundreds of pages of details about setup, settings and features. Our Getting Started iPad Training guide is purposely selective to make learning fun and accessible.

Focusing on the Topics that Matter Most

Many beginners are accustomed to learning on paper and following instructions. Our iPad book provides step-by-step lessons on the most important features: learning the basics, communicating with others, saving photos, searching for information, and customizing your iPad with apps. It’s a visual learning guide; each lesson includes large informational graphics.

Learning the Basics

The Basic lessons introduce concepts and skills that are essential to using the iPad. 

The lessons cover the following:

  • How do you turn the iPad off and on?
  • What is the purpose of the buttons, openings and cameras on the exterior of the iPad?
  • How do you open and close the various programs (apps) on your iPad?
  • How do you control apps by touching the screen?
  • How do you type using the onscreen iPad keyboard?
  • What is Wi-Fi and why is it important to have a connection to the Internet?

Communicating with Others

We cover the three of the most popular methods for communicating with others using the iPad - Email, Messages & FaceTime.

Email is a universal communication tool that’s great for sending and receiving written communications, photos, videos and more. 

The lessons cover the following:

  • How do you save contacts?
  • How is Email organized within the Mail app?
  • How do you send a new message?
  • How do you reply to a message that has been sent to you?
  • How do you forward a message that has been sent to you?
  • How do you delete emails?
  • What are email mailboxes? How do you move between them?

The Messages app is for on-going conversations with family members and friends who use Apple devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. 

The lessons cover the following:

  • How are messages different than email?
  • How do you send a new message?
  • How do you reply to a message that has been sent to you?
  • How do you send a photo via messages?
  • How do you message a group of people?


Using FaceTime on iPad is the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation; it is a live video call. Like the Messages app, you can only use FaceTime to call people using Apple devices. 

FaceTime lessons include answers to the following:

  • How do you initiate a FaceTime call?
  • What do the various buttons on the screen do during a FaceTime call?
  • How do you answer an incoming FaceTime call?


Taking & Saving Photos

The Photos lessons introduce how to take photos and videos, organize them in the Photos app and share them.

The lessons cover the following:

  • How do you take photos and videos using the built-in camera?
  • How are your images and videos organized in the Photos app?
  • How do you delete photos?
  • How do send photos using email?
  • How do you save photos that other people emailed to you?
  • How do you take a picture of the screen?
  • How do you save a photo from within an app?

Searching for Information

The Search lessons explain how to use the Safari app to find information via websites.  

The lessons cover the following:

  • What is webpage? website?
  • How do you access websites on your iPad via the Safari app?
  • How do you search for websites regarding topics of interest?
  • How do you find a specific website?
  • How do you open multiple webpages at one time?
  • How do you close webpages?

Customizing Your iPad with Apps

The Apps lessons explain how to add programs, commonly known as apps, to your iPad. From brain training to medical journals, there are over 1 million apps designed for the iPad. 

The lessons cover the following:

  • What is an Apple ID and why do you need one to download apps?
  • How do you add apps to your iPad?
  • What are your options for authenticating app downloads?
  • How do you pay for apps that cost money?
  • How do you organize apps on the home screen?
  • How do you delete unwanted apps?
  • How do you adjust app notifications?
  • How do you adjust privacy settings for apps?
  • How do you customize your lock screen with select information from relevant apps?

Keep reading to learn about our library of training videos & interactive ipad quizzes

There’s more… iPad Video Tutorials

When you purchase the iPad Getting Started guide, you receive complementary access to a library of 50+ corresponding video tutorials. These videos can be accessed from any computer with a connection to the Internet. They’re great for watching on a computer and following along on the iPad.

Each video is 2-4 minutes long video and focuses on a specific topic from the guide. At the end of each video, there's a suggested practice activity to reinforce the new information. 

The videos are labeled based on difficultly and purpose:

Level 1 Videos

Lessons designed for people without any experience using the iPad.


Sample Video: Lock Screen, Home Screen, Apps & the Home Button

Before using your iPad, it's important to become familiar with foundational concepts:

  • The lock screen appears when you first wake the iPad and displays missed notifications
  • The home screen shows all programs (apps) that are available on your iPad
  • Apps are programs that are designed specifically for the iPad
  • The home button is used to exit an app and return to the home screen

Level 2 Videos

Lessons designed for people that understand the basics but want to learn more.

Sample Video: Repositioning the Cursor

There are three primary ways to reposition the cursor - the flashing bar that indicates text input:

  • Tap in the general vicinity of where you want to move the cursor
  • Hold your finger on top of text until a magnifying glass displays, then slide to the exact location you want to move the cursor
  • Place two fingers on the keyboard at the same time and slide them to move the cursor


Level 3

Lessons that show how to customize your experience on the iPad.

Sample Video: Adjusting Notification Settings

The first time you open an app, you often receive an option for push notifications. Push notifications are updates regarding new information within an app. You can adjust your notification preferences for each app.


One More Thing… Confidence Building iPad Quizzes

At the end of each section, there's an interactive iPad quiz. Answer questions about the lessons and receive instant feedback, whether you answered correctly or not. These iPad quizzes are ideal for reinforcing key information and identifying lessons that you should review in more detail.

Give it a try yourself! You better have paid attention to the sample videos above : )