Email Overview

Click on the image to learn about the iPad Getting Started Guide.

Click on the image to learn about the iPad Getting Started Guide.

Email is a universal communication tool; it's available on any computer with a connection to the Internet. Use the Mail app on the iPad to send and receive written communications, photos, videos and more. Email lessons address the following:

  • How do you save contacts?
  • How is Email organized within the Mail app?
  • How do you send a new message?
  • How do you reply to a message that has been sent to you?
  • How do you forward a message that has been sent to you?
  • How do you delete emails?
  • What are email mailboxes? How do you move between them?

Creating Contacts

To communicate with others via the iPad, you will need to know your recipient’s email address. By creating contacts, there is no need to memorize contact information. Simply save important people on your iPad as Contacts - input their name, email and any other relevant information.

Mail App Overview

Regardless of the device - whether a desktop, laptop or smartphone - computers with a connection to the Internet can access email. This video provides an overview of the Mail app - the program designed for sending and receiving email on the iPad.

Sending Email

Send a new email by selecting the recipient(s), giving your email a subject and composing the message.

Replying to Email

When someone sends an email, they have the option of sending it to a single recipient or multiple people. Your options for sending a reply depend on whether or not there are other recipients.

  • If you are the sole recipient of an email, responding is easy; you reply to the sender. 
  • If you there are multiple recipients, you have the option of replying to the sender or replying to the entire group.

Forwarding Email

If you receive an interesting or noteworthy email and want to share it, you can forward the message.

Deleting Email

When you are finished with an email, it is a good habit to delete it. By deleting unnecessary emails, you can avoid confusion and make it much easier to find important messages.

Switching Mailboxes

By default, the Mail app shows your Inbox - a collection of emails that other people have sent to you. In addition to your Inbox, you can also view other mailboxes:

  • Sent Mailbox - a collection of emails that you have sent to other people
  • Trash Mailbox - a collection of emails that have been recently deleted
  • Junk Mailbox - messages that were identified as unsolicited

Switch between mailboxes to find sent or deleted emails as necessary.