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I co-founded Generation Connect with my sister Nacole in 2013. There’s something special about introducing the world’s information to a person with a lifetime of experiences. New learners are mesmerized with the Internet, and I’m mesmerized by their stories.

During this journey, I’ve learned the adage “knowledge is power” is only partially true. Knowledge plus action is power. For those that have a love of learning and aren't afraid to try something new, the Internet is a magical resource.

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Michael and I both have a passion for helping others learn but while he enjoys to be in front of a group, I prefer working behind the scenes.

I love capturing special moments with friends and family, especially my adorable niece and nephew. You’ll see them throughout our resources. Whether you’re the photographer or simply want to save meaningful images and videos, our guide has you covered : )

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I’ve been with Nacole and Michael since day one. Unlike my partners, I’m not a digital native. Technology is not intuitive to me. I remind them we’re all ignorant, only in different topics; however, I do share in their appreciation of the capabilities.

My two grandsons live 400 miles away, but my wife and I see them daily through video calls. Despite the distance, we’re part of their everyday lives.

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As a baby boomer, I’ve always been captivated by the potential of technology. Mobile computers are empowering and personal. As a gerontologist, I use them daily to help people with non-normative memory loss connect with their memories and their families.

As a daughter, I use it as well. My mother has Alzheimer’s, and our family is spread out geographically. We use a variety of apps for stories, music and games to help mom stay connected to our lives. There are hundreds of thousands of free apps designed for the iPad, and we can help you discover that handful that can help you provide more personalized care.