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Michael co-founded Generation Connect with his sister Nacole in 2013. He was inspired to pursue a career in aging, after teaching his 85-year-old grandmother how to use an iPad. He still FaceTimes his Gram regularly.

Michael has spent his entire career working in technology consulting, and leverages his knowledge of mobile device deployment, eLearning design, data collection, and project management to help care organizations create and deploy technology engagement solutions.

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Nacole has a passion for design and storytelling. She enjoys putting her graphic design, web development, and animation skills to work to convey information in new and creative ways.

She also loves capturing special moments with friends and family, especially her adorable niece and nephew. You’ll see them throughout our resources.  : )

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Debby Dodds has a Masters of Gerontology in Aging Services from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and is an employed family carer of her mother who is living with Alzheimer’s disease. Dodds joined the Generation Connect team in 2016.

She is an early pioneer in the use of tablets for personalized engagement with people that are living with dementia. Her family is spread out geographically, and they use a variety of devices and apps to help her mom stay connected to her favorite people and memories. She is passionate about helping other care professionals leverage everyday technology to provide more personalized care.

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Paul has been with Nacole and Michael since day one. Unlike his partners, Paul is not a digital native. He often reminds the team - we’re all ignorant, only in different topics. However, Paul does share in their appreciation of the capabilities. His two grandsons live 400 miles away, but he sees them daily through video calls.

Paul spent 30 years in the financial services business, before taking on the role of CEO of at a web-based technology startup for 10 years. At Generation Connect, Paul leads business development and strategic partnerships. 


Thomas “Tido” Carriero

Tido is the Vice President of Engineering at Segment, a customer data platform company based in San Francisco.  Since graduating from Harvard in 2008 with a degree in Computer Science, Tido has spent his entire career in the Silicon Valley. Tido first worked at Facebook as an engineering manager from 2008 -2012, then at Dropbox from 2012 – 2015.  At Dropbox, he led the product engineering efforts and was responsible for the development of the original Dropbox for Business product.

Tido brings extensive experience scaling startups from finding initial product-market fit to building into significant companies that change and help the lives of many. He's particularly passionate about the Generation Connect mission because he's spent countless hours helping his grandfather use his iMac and he's become convinced that this is the wrong device for the future.