Recent Projects

Our team works hand-in-hand with care organizations to design solutions that measure outcomes, scale affordably, and most importantly, improve quality of life for caregivers and care recipients. 


MUSIC & MEMORY Tablet Engagement for Care organizations

A comprehensive approach to personalizing individual and group engagement sessions in care homes through the use of tablets

Using tablets in care homes

MUSIC & MEMORY® certified organizations understand that affordable technology solutions have the potential to improve quality of life. Their personalized music program helps care communities customize low-cost MP3 players for each resident.

The tablet engagement training is designed as an extension of the personalized music program — providing staff with live and on-demand training on how to use a tablet to inspire meaningful experiences, including:

  • Reminiscing with personalized photos and videos
  • Cognitive stimulation with recommend apps for art and games
  • Interactive group activities via connected TV or projector

Prior to this 3-part webinar series, each community will receive the latest model 9.7” iPad, pre-configured with recommended apps, accounts, settings, accessories and printed instructions. No setup necessary!

Developed in partnership with Music & Memory and taught by experienced practitioners, the live webinars and corresponding library of online courses explain the psychosocial considerations for using tablets in your care community and provide detailed resources (online videos and printable instructions) for utilizing the recommended apps.

ElderHelp Family Caregiving Series

A collection of online courses designed for employed family caregivers

Family caregiving online course.png

ElderHelp of San Diego is a non-profit that provides services to help seniors live in their homes independently with dignity. They manage a network of hundreds of volunteers to provide services such as care coordination, transportation, and home-sharing.

In addition to the volunteer efforts, ElderHelp also provides services to children of aging parents, including educational sessions for local employed family caregivers. Looking to extend the scope and reach of those services, ElderHelp partnered with Generation Connect to build a series of free online courses that provides family caregivers with educational resources, actionable worksheets, and inspiration from other families. 

DAWN: The Good News About Dementia Care Animated Video

A novel explanation of what it’s like to live with dementia

 The Good News About Dementia Care video explains that people with dementia lose rationale thought (left brain) but not intuitive thought (right brain).

The Good News About Dementia Care video explains that people with dementia lose rationale thought (left brain) but not intuitive thought (right brain).

Judy Cornish is the author one of the top-rated books on dementia care - The Dementia Handbook explains how to recognize both the abilities and disabilities of dementia, providing more happiness and less stress for both caregivers and those with dementia.

She is also the creator of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network (DAWN). Through DAWN, Judy trains families and professionals on a method of care that targets the emotional distress that accompanies cognitive decline.

DAWN partnered with Generation Connect to create an animated video, which introduces the first principle of the DAWN method - that although people lose their rational thought abilities to dementia, they do not lose their intuitive thought skills.