Search Overview

Click on the image to learn about the iPad Getting Started Guide.

Click on the image to learn about the iPad Getting Started Guide.

The Search lessons explain how to use the Safari app to find information via websites. You can search for information across countless practical topics, including health, news, local businesses, research, weather and history. The lessons will cover:

  • What is webpage? website?
  • How do you access websites on your iPad via the Safari app?
  • How do you search for websites regarding topics of interest?
  • How do find a specific website?
  • How do you open multiple webpages at one time?
  • How do you close webpages?

Safari, Websites & Webpages

Websites are a collection of online documents, known as webpages, that can be accessed from computers with a connection to the Internet. Websites are a great resource for finding information; there are over 650 million active websites and billions of webpages.

Safari is an app on your iPad that's designed to search, view and save websites.

Searching a Topic of Interest

Use the Safari app to find websites with information specific to topics of interest. Type your search and choose from a list of relevant websites.

Viewing Multiple Webpages via Tabs

You can have multiple webpages open at one time, and switch between them as desired. When you have multiple websites open at once, they are called tabs.

Closing Open Webpages

If too many webpages are open, it can slow down your iPad. When you are finished with a website, you can close it by using the Pages button.