Our Services


Our team collaborates with organizations in the care industry to deploy innovative technology engagement solutions. If you are looking to deploy personalized music, tablets, voice-first speakers, or virtual reality, we can help.

Gerontologist-led, Caregiver engagement Training

Our in-house gerontologist and team of technology specialists will design and deploy training programs that help care teams personalize client engagement with affordable technologies. Our experience implementing a variety of products and services in care settings helps us develop solutions that fit the needs of your organization, caregivers, clients, and families.

Custom Online Course Building

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Professionals within care organizations have extremely unpredictable schedules, which makes coordinating live training difficult. Employee turnover and new hires add to the challenge of implementing programs.

Our design team creates on-demand online courses, which include animated videos, customized illustrations, and printable step-by-step training guides. We provide organizations with the option to host content internally or via Generation Connect's learning managing system.

Mobile Device Deployment & Management

One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of implementing new technologies is configuring and managing devices. Device management not only ensures security and privacy, but it also is key to helping end users seamlessly adopt new technologies.

Many care organizations have limited IT resources and are overwhelmed with choices regarding hardware deployment. We provide consulting services for all your deployment needs, including:

  • Device Leasing & Purchasing Options
  • Mobile Device Management Software Selection
  • Customization of  Configuration Profiles
  • Network & Cellular Data Considerations
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Surveys & Data Reporting

Implementing technology solutions requires an investment of valuable time and resources. Care organizations need a way of measuring the efficacy of new programs. Our team develops mobile optimized surveys to measure specific outcomes, including:

  • Client mood management
  • Impact on challenging behaviors
  • Caregiver satisfaction / stress
  • Family satisfaction / stress