Becoming a Tablet Engagement Mentor

As Tablet Engagement Mentors, you will work with residents that face a wide variety of physical and cognitive challenges. You will find that these residents have unique past experiences including distinct cultural upbringings, families, spiritual beliefs, careers and hobbies. It is through building a relationship and using a tablet to tap into these specific personal experiences that you will be able to enhance mood and increased sense of purpose for these residents. 

The following videos (1-6 minutes each), will help prepare you for tablet training and for working directly with residents this semester. 


Henry - Alive Inside

Henry, a viral video from the Sundance award winning documentary Alive Inside, is about the power of music.  You will be using music largely, through YouTube to help residents feel more connected.


The Good News About Dementia

In this video, author and founder of the Dementia Alternative Wellness Network or the DAWN Method, Judy Cornish, discusses important basics in helping people live well with dementia. She identifies many qualities that remain long after storage, recall and reasoning diminish with memory loss.


Using YouTube to connect


Using Search to Connect

Using Safari Images & Videosto connect

Understanding Google Knowledge Graph

Closing Tabs

Using Google Earth 

Google Earth Street View


Socializing with Games and Art

Chain of Thought 

Chain of Thought 2

Jigsaw Puzzel

Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Jigsaw Puzzle 3