Personalized Engagement for Care Recipients

Differentiate your care organization by creating private webpages for care recipients, including personalized music playlists, photo albums, recorded stories and activity preferences. 

Webpages are password protected and HIPAA compliant.

Webpages are password protected and HIPAA compliant.

Stand Out from the Competetion - Promote personalized webpages as a value added service to influencers.

Increase Family Engagement - Involve family members in creating engagement profiles and provide them access to the content .

Reduce Staff Turnover - Better equip caregivers to succeed and increase job satisfaction.

Non-Pharmacological Care - Use everyday technology to reduce the use of antipsychotic medications in dementia care.

The Caring Dilemma

Professional caregivers face a formidable challenge day in and day out:

Caregivers must help people with activities of daily living but also help them feel at home. Digital dementia activities can help.

Caregivers have limited time and resources; one or two people may be caring for several individuals with unique needs, including Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. By getting to know the person behind the disease, memory care professionals are better equipped to help people complete tasks and feel like themselves.


The Digital Memories Solution

Digital Memories are specific songs, photos and videos that help people feel like themselves, and can be saved to any smartphone or tablet for easy access to personalized engagement. Think of Digital Memories as a virtual shadow box.


Connect with Family and Friends to Identify Joyful Topics

Topics such as cherished songs, pets, family, hobbies and careers help guide personalized engagment.

Topics such as cherished songs, pets, family, hobbies and careers help guide personalized engagment.


USE ANY SMARTPHONE OR TABLET - No Specialized Hardware or Software Required!

As long as you can download apps, you can save Digital Memories!

As long as you can download apps, you can save Digital Memories!


Utilize Free Software Programs such as YouTube & Google Photos


Create personalized albums and playlists.

Create personalized albums and playlists.


Save Memories & Share with the Care Team

Share with family members, friends and community staff.

Share with family members, friends and community staff.


Learn more about using Everyday Technologies in Dementia Care


Customized Community Surveys & Personalized Engagement Profiles

Our team will help your organization customize online surveys to save resident preferences and engagement sessions. We'll also create Digital Memory pages with links to personalized music, photos, videos and recorded memories.

Family Intake

Insights relating to a person’s favorite music, stories, games and activities are invaluable in caring for those with memory loss. Our digital intake survey helps care teams identify topics and activities that are most likely to elicit joyful memories.

We provide care organizations with an easy-to-use web app to record personal engagement sessions. A person’s preference for engagement is not always obvious; it’s often the result of trying many different approaches and preferences may change over time.

The Journal is a simple way to record personalized sessions from any smartphone, tablet or computer, and share the results with your care team - including family and professional care partners.

Digital Memories
Digital Memories provide links to a person’s favorite photo albums, narrated memories, songs, videos, guided prayers and more. Saving these files to a central location makes it easy for care staff, family and friends to access them from any smartphone or tablet.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does Digital Memories cost?

The online training is free and so are the recommended apps! An everyday technology, such as YouTube, can help bring joy to the life of a person with memory loss. Our mission is to spread awareness and help people get started.

We offer dedicated training for care organizations, including customized tablets, surveys, reports and Digital Memory pages. Contact us for details and pricing.


2. We are already short staffed. How will we have the time to engage people one-to-one?

Discovering the music, photos and videos that resonate with a person requires individual engagement. For organizations with limited resources, the discovery process is most challenging.

To get started, our team recommends focusing on a handful of residents and allocating at least one hour per week for discovery. Once you learn a person’s preferences, incorporate Digital Memories into daily care plans. This might be as simple as playing a favorite song while getting dressed or reminiscing with specific photos when a person is longing for home.

As you learn each individual's preferences, rotate the residents that participate in the discovery sessions. Many communities also leverage family, student and community volunteers to help with the process.


3. We are already using dementia care technology. How is this different?

There are numerous dementia care technology devices and platforms. If your community is already using one, then you understand the benefits of digital engagement. There are a few key differences:

Digital Memories is an approach that involves using a variety of free web services. It is not proprietary, thus eliminating costs for specialized hardware and licensing.

Digital Memories is focused on saving personal content. While many tablet activities can be adapted for group engagement, our approach focuses on curating personally meaningful music, photos and videos.

Families can participate by sharing Digital Memories. Since you will be using popular web services, anyone that has a connection to the Internet can contribute music, photos and videos.