Tablet Engagement

review recorded webinars and download handouts

Use the following webpage as a reference for the Accessibility Guide project. Each week, we will update the webpage with relevant handouts and recordings of the live webinars.


Tablet Engagement Information Session: 4.20.2017

Debby Dodds and Michael Potteiger of Generation Connect discuss two pilot projects for tablet engagement in care communities. These opportunities are exclusive to Music & Memory certified organizations.

Music & Memory Tablet Engagment Projects

Download the slides from the informational webinar. The slides provide an overview of the two current Music & Memory tablet projects: Tablet Engagement for Dementia Care and the Accessibility Guide. 

Schedule for Dementia Care Tablet Engagement Webinar

Project Schedule

Download the schedule to view the project timeline and dates/times for group webinars.

Introductory Webinar: 5.31.2017

Debby Dodds and Michael Potteiger of Generation Connect introduce the tablet engagement project, including an overview of future sessions, best practices and an equipment overview.

Technology for Caregivers Slide Deck

Introductory Webinar Slides

Download the slides from the introductory webinar. The introductory webinar will prepare care organizations for training with information regarding goals & outcomes, selecting participants and managing equipment.

Participant Handout for Tablet Engagement Dementia Care.png

Tablet Engagement Participant Handout

The participant handout includes an overview of the project. The form also includes a signature page for residents and/or their families to consent to take part in the project.

Personalized Music & Videos: 6.7.2017

Debby Dodds and Michael Potteiger of Generation Connect introduce the first lesson in the tablet engagement webinar - using YouTube to engage people with personalized music and videos.

Printable Version of Background Survey

The digital background survey is saved to community iPads. Use this handout, if you prefer to take notes on hard copy version before entering the information into the tablet.

Printable YouTube Tutorial

Print a copy of the YouTube app tutorial to reference, if necessary. This document shows step-by-step instructions for searching and closing videos in the YouTube app.

Personalized Images: 6.14.2017

Debby Dodds and Michael Potteiger of Generation Connect introduce best practices for saving images to the iPad and using them to facilitate reminiscing sessions.


Recorded Stories & Apps: 6.21.2017

Debby Dodds and Michael Potteiger of Generation Connect demonstrate how to record narrated stories and introduce a few options for cognitively engaging apps.

Project Summary & Learnings: 7.18.2017

Debby and Michael discuss the feedback and learnings from the project with partner communities on the call.