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YouTube is a video sharing services that allows users to watch video posted by others. There are billions of videos available on YouTube that span endless topics, time periods, and cultures, including:

  • Live concerts, musicals, plays, or dances
  • Recordings of popular songs
  • Classic television shows or movie clips
  • Nature or travel videos
  • Funny animals or pet video
  • Sports and hobbies videos
  • And many more!

Restricted Mode

Prevent video results containing drugs, sexual situations, violence and other mature topics.


Search across millions of videos.

Video Controls

Review the most important video controls - skip advertisements, pause, open full screen and exit full screen.

Closing a Video

Learn how to exit a video when you are finished watching it and want to search for a new one.

Fast Forward / RewinD

Move forwards or backwards while watching a video.


Activate captions for the hearing impaired.


Learn how other care organizations are using YouTube.

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