A person-centered training approach


Everyone can benefit from the mobile technology revolution, but many lack the desire or confidence.  Conventional training overlooks the individual; it is one size fits all. 

Our approach is designed for new learners with selective content, familiar language and visual training guides… but none of that matters, if participants are not compelled to use the device.  We provide the blueprint for high-touch, personalized training!


"It's one of the greatest things I ever experienced!"

After witnessing the impact the iPad had on our grandmother, we were inspired to build resources to help others like her. 


Our grandmother fell in love with FaceTime but there are endless apps with transformative potential.


iRelevance:  Turnkey Programming for Group Training


Offering group training is challenging for any organization; there are countless devices, significant infrastructure considerations and participants with various technology backgrounds.

Our resources focus on the iPad.  Known for simplicity and a diverse selection of apps, it is ideal for group training because the user experience is consistent across models.

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With years of field experience, our team will coach your organization:

    • Pre-training Consultations
      Recommendations for Wi-Fi capabilities, equipment and group size
    • Device Setup
      Ensure that participants are set up with necessary accounts, helpful settings
    • Detailed Lesson Plans
      Suggestions for introducing topics, practice activities, app settings and FAQs
    • Video Tutorials
      Download short instructional videos to convey lessons during group sessions
    • Photo Illustrated Training Guides
      Hardcopy with visual overviews and step-by-step lessons
    • Support 
      Phone and email support for group trainers

    Enhance cognitive, social and emotional wellness.

    Differentiate your community - promote to influencers and open classes for prospects.

    Establish a scalable foundation for future technologies. Digital signage, resident portals, smart homes and wearables are rapidly becoming part of the senior living landscape. These initiatives are predicated on your staff and residents being comfortable using technology. iRelevance is that often overlooked first step!